Let Kyrobak® work its magic.
Your back will love it!
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"Ten easy, relaxed, calm, wonderful minutes and then I’m free to do everything I love."
- Arye B., Fiction Writer
"I am a technology guy...I love the latest technology for just about anything. Just having this device...is wonderful."
- Cory, IT Technician
"I don’t like taking medication at all so this has allowed me to get the healing without having to take the medication."
- Monique D., Teacher

"I'm active again. I'm a lot happier as a person...Kyrobak® just helped improve my day-to-day life."
- Tony G., Shipping/Receiving Manager
"What I love about the Kyrobak® is that it is drug-free and that when I plug it in and turn it on I can relax and feel the sensation as if I was going to et a massage."
- Elaine B., Personal Trainer
"Five weeks ago I was using a cane, it was really awful. It was difficult to get anywhere, I hated walking around in crowds. I started using the Kyrobak® and almost, within one week I was off the cane."
- Ken S., Museum Docent

"After the Kyrobak®, getting going in the morning has given me new life and new desire to get out and play golf."
- Jim S., Retired Stock Broker
"The Kyrobak® is really amazing not just because it's so portable and I can fit it anywhere, but it's 10 minutes and it's not strenuous at all."
- Sky T., Nanny
"I'm very amazed how Kyrobak® really just works instantaneously; literally the moment I put it on and turn it on and get settled, I start feeling the tension go away."
- Franco F., Disc Jockey

The Pros Use Kyrobak® Too
"I've had shots and taken medications... Kyrobak® is the first thing that I've found that really does work."

- Bruce Harper, Former Pro Football Player